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Tips to get USA visa for Nigerians

  Lots of nigerians if not millions of  Nigerians has this going to  America in back of their minds, if not that sometimes it seems impossible mission for many .       Comrades ,yes going to USA seems impossible but its one of the best country/embassy you can go and get your visa without much stress,I said without much stress because American Embassy is real ,accessible and listens . They're strict yes but simple if you can afford their requirements ,do you know that the bank statements,the CEO of the company's sponsorship letter that you brought along to the embassy are not been looked on by the Embassy's interviewers ?      The USA embassy do no entertain too much drama,they are psychologists who monitors your body language and decide whether or not to grant you visa most times without crosschecking your documents.     So some of these few tips can help you to go about your USA visa and complete your dreams    My story as a young Nigeria traveller :          
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She blocked me in all social medias on her wedding day

So on 18th November 2018,my so called girlfriend was to do her traditional marriage and I wasn't aware    That faithful day,as we  always do,calls and messages in the morning,  Little poke and all know nah not a new thing is sweet ooo in Davido's voice in chioma my love assurance    Naija people will tell the rest history, Baby I'll travel to village tomorrow morning and am afraid my mobile might suffer a kinder network problem,so if you call and is not goyhg,just know that it's network  .    Am a kind hearted person ooo when I want to though my personality is made up of kindnrds, ''even this my corby boo will confess too oyea   Back to track before I forgot,she requested for airtime ,which I did ,she requested fir money ,which I sent to her immediately asin am her Bank ATM lolz    On the second thought ,though I've sent her the airtime and all thst,I decided to check around considering my experience from a friend of mine that suff

Officially,Linda Ikeji is single again

According to news from @officiallindaikeji blog and Instagram,she is no more in relationship with the supposed husband      The picture was posted this morning from Linda Ikeji where she shared a picture of her  cute baby Jayce and herself and at the second line where she shared the bomb news..., according to her,Sholaye Jeremi ,a Nigerian billionaire she met in a restaurant in ikoye Lagos last 3 yesrs,2015 to be precise is the father of her son ,but as thihst stands ,they re no more together whcoh according to her was because yhe said dad of the her son was not comfortable with the fact that Linda is a public figure and as that' stands ,may affect his personal life    According to the news In Linda ikejis blog,both partners were happy to receive the good news of the her pregnancy and plans were on the way for traditional marriage which later did not yeild fruits  She said ,the said hubby to be ,dad to Cute Jayce started acting funny,stopped calling her ,sent message that l

Ghanaian Teacher teaching computer without computer got Microsoft attention

A picture of Owura  Kwado ,a Ghanaian Teacher teaching his Students  ICT (computer) without a computer gone viral on most social media platforms 2 days ago     All attention was drawn to him when he posted the picture in Facebook with the caption "Teaching Of ICT in Ghana is funny"   Showing how he draw computer in blackboard ,coloured with many colours baby to enable his students understand what he is teaching   The detailed diagram shows many functions of computer     On this,an American lady immediately seeing this amazing teaching ,sent a massage to Microsoft Africa with the picture requesting attention which the management of the company received and promised to equip the teacher with computer            Many people also replied to the management of bill gates  Microsoft ,showing not satisfied with only equipping the teacher , according to them, Microsoft suppose to donate computers to the school and facilitate teaching it while many requesting that Microsoft

Breaking news: Nigeria Dana airway door fell off shortly after landing

the flight from Lagos to Abuja was taxiing on runway when the emergency exit door fall off Dana Nigeria airways denied that it was caused by a mechanical fault and said the door could not fall off without a conscious effort by a passenger doing it The crew members continued blaming passengers for the fall but all the passengers on board denied had tampering with the door A passenger by name Dapo Sanwo from Lagos said"the flight was noisy with vibrations from the floor panel and I noticed the emergency door latch was loose and dangling,when we landed and the plane was taxiing back to the park point,we heard a poof-like explosion followed by a surge of breeze and noise ,it was terrible he concluded" some of other passengers was trying to picture the situation which Dana crew did not allow them Dana is the same airline that crashed in 2012 in busy Lagos suburb killing 153 people on board  Our technical team and Nigeria authority has checked and reported that

Bitcoin on its highest level,$12.000

Markets hit by geopolitical worries, but bitcoin surges through $12,000 - business live Shared from my Google feed